Library Services

Library Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Closed: Period 3

  • During class time students must present a note signed by your teacher.
  • Backpacks, coats, and lunch bags are not permitted in the library.
  • NO eating or drinking allowed (except for water bottles)


Books & magazines – 2 books for 3 weeks
Manga, Comics & Graphic novels – 1 book for 1 week   
eBooks – 5 books for up to 5 weeks (using your EMSB email address)

*Please have your student ID card/number ready to ensure faster service. 

Late Fines

Borrowed items must be returned before or on the date stamped on the back of the book. There will be a 10 cent per day fine for every late book up to a maximum of $5.00.  You will not be able to borrow further books until late books are returned and fines are paid.

Lost or Damaged Books

You will be charged for the replacement cost for any lost or damaged book(s).


During busy times in the school year it’s best to reserve a computer by signing up at the circulation desk.   School computers are for school projects and research. Game playing and watching YouTube on library computers is strictly forbidden.  

Students are given their WiFi password from their home room teacher and are permitted to use your personal devices in the library.

Online Catalog

You can use REGARD, our online catalog to search for books in any of the EMSB school libraries.  N.B. Interlibrary loans are available upon request.

Home: Click “Library” under “Quick Links” on the LaurenHill Academy website.
School: Click on the “Search Books” icon on the library desktop computers.


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