New Books (Junior Campus) – April 2014

Revolution 19Revolution 19 by Gregg Rosenblum
HarperTeen, 2012
266 pages

Twenty years after robots designed to fight wars abandoned the battlefields and turned their weapons against humans, siblings Nick, Kevin, and Cass must risk everything when the wilderness community where they have spent their lives in hiding is discovered by the bots.

SilverSilver by Chris Wooding
Scholastic, 2014
313 pages

When the students at Mortingham Boarding Academy find a group of strange, silvery beetles on school grounds they are excited, but when the beetles attack them and a mysterious virus starts spreading, a group of mismatched students must work together to survive..

Menace From the DeepKiller Species #1: Menace From the Deep by Michael P. Spradlin
Scholastic, 2013
225 pages

Emmet Doyle is not in the best mood when he arrives in Florida City. His father is a wildlife biologist, and has been summoned to the Everglades, dragging Emmet along with him. Though still in mourning from losing his mom a year ago, Emmet’s trying hard to keep a good attitude. Upon their arrival, however, things quickly get weird. Dr. Rosalita Geaux, the Park Superintendent, wastes no time in revealing the reason she called Emmet’s father to Florida. A strange creature was recently found dead in the park, and upon seeing it, it becomes clear to everyone that this is not a native species. This is man-made. Deep in the swamp, someone has been experimenting to create a new breed of apex predator. And they’re about to set them loose.

UrgleUrgle by Meaghan McIsaac
Dancing Cat Books, 2013
240 pages

This fast-paced, gripping novel is the first book in the Brothers of the Ikkuma Pit series that finds Urgle trying to survive and be a big brother to Cubby. They live among the Brothers of the Ikkuma Pit, which sees generations of boys abandoned as babies by their mothers and left to fend for themselves, cared for only by the older boys in the Pit. No one has ever left the Pit – until now. When a brother from the past comes back to Ikkuma, the group wants to know what he has seen since he left, and what he knows about why they have all been abandoned. But then Cubby goes missing and Urgle organizes a search party to find him, which may lead to a truth they are not prepared to learn.

I'll Be ThereI’ll be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan
Little, Brown, 2011
392 pages

Raised by an unstable father who keeps constantly on the move, Sam Border has long been the voice of his younger brother, Riddle, but everything changes when Sam meets Emily Bell and, welcomed by her family, the brothers are faced with normalcy for the first time.

Identity TheftIdentity Theft by Anna Davies
Point, 2013
250 pages

Someone claiming to be Hayley posts incriminating photographs of her online, jeopardizing her chance at a college scholarship, but when the photographs reveal dark secrets in her family’s past, Hayley learns her very life is at stake.


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