Book Review: Back

Student Book Reviewer: Keishara R. S. – Grade 8

BackTitle of Book: Back
Publisher, Date of Publication: Orca Book Publishers, 2009
Pages: 93
Series: Orca Soundings
Genre: Realistic 

Summary: It is basically about a criminal who got out of jail. He got back to the neighborhood; a few days later a boy he beat up and went to jail for died. The brother of the boy who died got revenge and killed the criminal. He was very bad.  He beat up a girl because she got pregnant and decided to keep the baby; he killed people, and beat them.

  • Did this book hold your attention? Yes.
  • Was the story what you expected? Were you disappointed? Surprised? No it was not. I was surprised that the criminal Jojo was so bad.
  • Do you think that the book was suitable for your age? Too violent, swearing, sex, etc.: I find it was a bit to violent.
  • Did you like/dislike the book? Why? I liked it, because it was very interesting and it caught my attention.
  • Who would you recommend this book to, even if you disliked it? Give an example.: I would recommend it to a person who had something like that happened to them.
  • Is this a stand-alone book, or is it part of a series? It is a stand-alone book.
  • Does the cover art match the style of the book inside? No not at all.

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