Book Review: Blob

Student’s Name: Pireetha G. – Grade 8

Blobby Frieda Wishinsky
Orca Book Publishers, 2010
Pages: 98
Series: Orca Currents
Genre: Realistic fiction  

Summary: The novel called Blob, written by Frieda Wishinsky, is about a young insecure girl named Eve. At the beginning of High school, Eve was bullied by her old friends because she was over weight. Later on, Eve made new friends and joined a mentoring program at her school. After mentoring a girl in middle school, Eve started to realize that being overweight is nothing compared to other girls around her.

  • Did this book hold your attention? Yes 
  • Was the story what you expected it to be? Were you disappointed? Surprised? The story was what is expected it to be. However, I was surprised and disappointed how Eve got over her fear very quickly.
  • Do you think that the book was suitable for your age? Too violent, swearing, sex, etc.: I think the book is well suited to my age. Especially, for the teenagers with the fear of being overweight. The book didn’t have too much violence or swearing, it’s just the perfect example of getting over being bullied. 
  • Did you like/dislike the book? Why? I really liked the book because it gave an excellent example of how the media is effecting the teenagers of this generation. I also liked the way the author ended the book by Eve standing up to the bullies and walking away from them.
  • Who would you recommend this book to, even if you disliked it? Give an example: I would recommend this book to all teenagers who are dealing with insecurities. I would also recommend this book to anyone in general, just to read about a problem that happens around us all the time.
  • Was the book part of a series? Is it a book that you have to read the previous/following book to understand the plot? Or is the story self-contained?: This book is self-contained.
  • Does the cover art match the style of the book inside? The cover art matches the style of the book inside perfectly. The cover art is 2 ice cream scoops put on an ice cream cone and that indicates fat the word the bullies called Eve.

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