Book Review: Klutzhood

Student’s Name: Michael D’A. – Grade Level: Grade 8

Klutzhoodby Chris McMahen
Orca Book Publishers, 2007
Pages: 154

Genre: Realistic fiction

Summary: A young boy named Arlo Billingsly has moved to a new city and to live a new life. He needs to make new friends and get used to his new house and a new style of living. His first day of school doesn’t go so well and he finds out that everyone at his new school is a bit crazy- hockey crazy! Arlo has never played ice hockey in his entire life. As everyone tries to get Arlo to lace up a pair of skates and get him on the ice, he has other plans.

  • Did this book hold your attention? Yes
  • Was the story what you expected it to be? Were you disappointed? Surprised?This story was not at all what I thought it would be. I thought it was gonna be about a young boy who discovers a new passion for hockey as he moves to a new city and meets new people.
  • Do you think that the book was suitable for your age? Too violent, swearing, sex, etc.: This book is very suitable for my age group. There’s no sex or swearing. They talk about violence but they never tell you that someone is getting hit or violently abused.
  • Did you like/dislike the book? Why? I like the book. Although it wasn’t what I expected I still think it was a good book.
  • Who would you recommend this book to, even if you disliked it? Give an example: I would recommend this book to my teacher and friends. I think they would enjoy reading it as much as I did.
  • Was the book part of a series? Is it a book that you have to read the previous/following book to understand the plot? Or is the story self-contained? This book is self-contained.
  • Does the cover art match the style of the book inside?: YES! The cover gives you a real good image on how the main character looks and a bit the way he acts.

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