Book Review: The Trouble With Liberty

Student Reviewer: Georgia P. – Grade 8

The Trouble with Libertyby Kristin Butcher
Orca Book Publishers, 2003
128 pages
Series: Orca Soundings
Genre: Realistic fiction

Summary: A new girl named Liberty Hayes moves into the small town of Sutter’s Crossing. Once there she meets Val and Cody MacQueen who she quickly befriends. Liberty is liked by everyone she meets, so when she accused her teacher of assault everyone believes her.

  • Did this book hold your attention? Yes
  • Was the story what you expected? Were you disappointed? Surprised? It was the story I expected. I was disappointed in the end because Liberty’s lie caused a lot of problems that couldn’t be fixed, even when everyone found out it was a lie.
  • Do you think that the book was suitable for your age? Too violent, swearing, sex, etc. I think the book was suitable for my age. There was no swearing.
  • Did you like/dislike the book? Why? I liked the book because it was interesting and kept you wondering.
  • Who would you recommend this book to, even if you disliked it? Give an example: I would recommend this book to one of my friends or someone around my age group, because I think they would find it just as interesting as I did.
  • Was the book part of a series? Is it a book that you have to read the previous/following book to understand the plot? Or is the story self-contained? This story is self-contained.
  • Does the cover art match the style of the book inside? Yes, the cover art does match the style of the book inside. The cover shows a young girl who is most likely Liberty on her cellular talking to someone.

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