Book Review: Queen of the Toilet Bowl

Student Reviewer: Umehabibah A.R. – Grade 8

Queen of the Toilet Bowlby Frieda Wishinsky
Orca Book Publishers, 2005
112 pages
Series: Orca Currents

Genre: Realistic fiction

Summary: Renata, an immigrant from Brazil is faced with bullying and stereotyping, some time soon as she enrolls into a highschool. Everything is going fine until she is chosen to be a lead role in a play. She is then targeted by a wealthy girl named Karin, who is angry and furious that she wasn’t chosen. Moreover, Karin is willing to do anything to make Renata miserable, starting with her mother.

  • Did this book hold your attention? Yes
  • Was the story what you expected it to be? Were you disappointed? Surprised? No, it was really different then what I thought it would be. But overall, I think it was good short story.
  • Do you think that the book was suitable for your age? Too violent, swearing, sex, etc.: Yes, because there is no bad language and no violence.
  • Did you like/dislike the book? Why? I liked this book because it was really telling the reader a lesson about bullying. The two main characters were Karin and Renata. Karin was the mean girl, example, when she posted a picture of Renata’s mom’s face in the toilet bowl.
  • Who would you recommend this book to, even if you disliked it? Give an example. I would recommend this book to the ages of 8-13. More suitable for people who want to read a quick book.
  • Was the book part of a series? Is it a book that you have to read the previous/following book to understand the plot? Or is the story self-contained? This book is not part of a series. It is a only book, the story doesn’t continue into another book.
  • Does the cover art match the style of the book inside? Yes, it does. In the book Renata sees a picture of her mom in a toilet bowl. The cover of the book shows a toilet bowl, and a keyboard which was attached to the computer that Renata saw the picture.

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